Microsoft Sketches Its Vision for the Near Future



Keep Up With Dean Kosage…


Microsoft has laid out its vision for the next few years, and it’s a visual feast for techies and futurists. ~ Dean Kosage



The dialogue-less video follows a woman taking a business trip, her daughter doing homework and a man in Hong Kong taking the subway to work all against the backdrop of a pulsing electronica soundtrack.


Microsoft envisions eyeglasses that can, among other things we suspect, translate spoken languages.

As in Minority Report, the billboards here recognize when someone is looking at them and react. In this case, a man gives a donation to the advertised cause and the man in the billboard nods appreciatively.

A bellhop holds a business-card size device that tells him all about the guest coming through the doors.

What home would be complete without a chalkboard that appears to be connected to the Internet?

In another nod to Minority Report and Microsoft’s own Kinect technology, a man waves his arms to change the view on his desktop.

Perhaps the oddest prediction is of a grass that seems to grow sideways. Maybe this is because the people in the video appear to work for a company involved in plant biotechnology.

No need to interact with the registration desk anymore.

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