The Future Desk Looks Like



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This is what the desk of the future looks like.. EXOpc has posted a video of its EXOdesk — an interactive desk environment that lets you do all sorts of tasks on a virtual space on your desk — in action and it looks amazing. ~ Dean Kosage



The actual device is a tabletop computer, somewhat similar to Microsoft Surface, offering 40 inches of high definition space, where you can manipulate virtual objects by touching them and dragging them around.

The video offers a taste of what you can do with EXOdesk: add a virtual keyboard, an RSS feed stream and apps to your tabletop surface. A piano simulation app is shown, and though we don’t see much of its functionality, it looks stunning when expanded to the entire surface of EXOdesk.

Although the release date is vaguely set for 2012, we already know EXOdesk will cost $1,299. If that sounds like a lot, compare it to the recently announced price of Microsoft Surface 2.0, which is $8,900, and it will suddenly seem like a bargain.

10 iPhone Fireworks Photos



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If you think the iPhone isn’t the best camera for photographing fireworks, then think again. While it may not be the best to capture the realism of a live fireworks display, it can offer up quite stunning results.

 Here are 10 explosive images of fireworks, captured by the iPhone, that offer a different — often quirky — perspective on the popular pyrotechnics. ~ Dean Kosage



Windows Phone 7 Wild NYC Event!



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A number of new Windows Phone devices — including the excellent Focus Flash — launched this week and Microsoft decided to celebrate with a big media blitz in New York City. Microsoft built a six-story Windows Phone with truly “live” Live tiles in the middle of Midtown Manhattan. As you can see from this video mashup, there was a lot going on! Amazing product!~ Dean Kosage







In the last few months, Microsoft has ramped up efforts to better promote its mobile platform, features and devices. When Windows Phone 7 launched last year, almost everything about the platform — including the messaging — seemed unfinished. Windows Phone had a lot of potential, it just didn’t seem ready.

A year later, things are different. Not only does Microsoft have a strong partnership with Nokia — whose Lumia 800 is truly lustworthy — it also has a stronger lineup of devices from other manufacturers aimed at a variety of markets and price points.

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango feels like a very finished product. Multi-tasking works well, copy and paste is included and the OS natively integrates with social accounts from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Developers are starting to notice too, with more major apps and services finding their way to Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft’s biggest obstacle now is one of awareness. That’s why we hope Microsoft follows up its in-person media blitzes with salient, well-messaged advertising across media channels. We also hope the company and its device partners continue to work with the wireless carriers to educate sales staff about the phone and its features.


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Hotel rooms with Best City view



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It’s easy to find a great view in nature, but in a city? Even if you get the right hotel, there’s always a risk you’ll end up facing the highway rather than the ocean, the building next door or the “garden view.” ~ Dean Kosage

Get the best view for your buck by requesting these specific rooms:

1. The Savoy, London


View of London
What Monet had to paint, you can photograph.

The historic Thames view from London’s most iconic hotel was painted by Monet, who stayed there several times.

Room to request: Monet Suite visitors and others on the rear of the sixth floor can enjoy the same skyline, with Big Ben on the horizon.

Rates: Rooms from US$650, Monet Suite US$4,950.

The Savoy, Strand, London, UK,             +44 207 420 2329      ;

2. Park Hotel, Tokyo


View from Park Hotel

Just in case you can’t see it, the Tokyo Tower is to the left.

The Park Hotel occupies 10 floors of the Shiodome Media Tower in downtown Tokyo, and the city lights seen from here are staggering.

Room to request: The best views are from the corner suites looking towards the Tokyo Tower on the 25th to 34th floors of this soaring triangular skyscraper.

Rates: Rooms from US$340.

Park Hotel Tokyo, Shiodome Media Tower, 1-7-1 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan;             +81 3 6252 1111      ;

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3. Jumeirah Hotel, Frankfurt


View from Jumeirah

Look upon Germany’s financial heart.

The skyline of the Jumeirah really showcases Germany’s financial capital, which is all about glamor and glittering modernity.

Room to request: Ask for room 2111, or one of the other 16 Skyline Deluxe rooms that enjoy this view.

Rates: Rooms from US$370.

Hotel Jumeirah Frankfurt, Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2, Frankfurt am Main, Germany;             +49 6 297 2370      ;

4. The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra


View of Taj Mahal

Book a room, enjoy the view.

What every first-time visitor to India wants is a view of the Taj Mahal, and Oberoi offers it in this colonial-style hotel where every room enjoys a view of the world’s greatest monument to romance, just 600 meters down the road.

Room to request: Any

Rates: Rooms from US$775.

Amarvilas, Taj East Gate Road, Agra, India;             +91 562 2231515      ;

5. Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem


View of Old City
Such a beautiful wall, you’ll never get over it.

The city’s newest and best-located luxury hotel faces the historic city on one side, to which it’s linked by a stylish pedestrian mall lined with designer boutiques and cafes leading to the Jaffa Gate.

Room to request: Be sure to ask for a room facing the Old City walls.

Rates: Rooms from US$430.

Mamilla Hotel, 11 King Solomon Street, Jerusalem, Israel;             +972 2 548 2222      ;

6. Hotel Americano, New York


View from bar at Americano
Don’t worry, once he’s poured your drink, he’ll move.

This very cool Mexican-designed hotel in the historic Chelsea district on New York’s west side enjoys Latin-style high design and spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline.

Room to request: One on the highest floor possible

 Rates: Rooms from US$395.

Hotel Americano, 518 W. 27th Street, New York, NY 10001, United States;             +1 212 216 0000      ;

7. The Peace Hotel, Shanghai


View of Shanghai

It’s the most photographed side of Shanghai for a reason.

It’s like going back to the future at this hotel on the historic Bund which now overlooks Shanghai’s 21st century history at Pudong, on the far side of the Huangpu river.

This was just swampland when the hotel was built in the Jazz Age to become the social hub of China’s “Paris of the East” throughout the 1920s.

Room to request: Best view is from the Nine Nations Suite.

Rates: Rooms from US$211.

Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing Road East, Shanghai, China; + 86 21 6080 298;

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8. Hotel de Crillon, Paris


View of Eiffel Tower

Three gorgeous features in one grand vista.

From its fabulous position on the place de la Concorde, this magnificent 18th-century palace hotel overlooks the Seine, the glass-roofed Grand Palais and the Eiffel Tower from all rooms facing the front.

Room to request: It’s a low-rise building by modern standards, so ask for a room facing the front on the highest floor available.

Rates: Rooms from US$1,015.

Hotel de Crillon, 10 Place de la Concorde, Paris, France;             +33 1 44 71 15 00      ;

9. Hotel de Paris, Monaco


View of Monaco

Lights, camera, Facebook.

Overlooking Monte Carlo harbor on one side and the famous casino on the other, Monaco’s Hotel de Paris is the address in the tax haven principality perched between the Cote d’Azur and the Italian Riviera.

Room to request: Be sure to request a sea-view room.

Rates: Rooms from €465 (US$639).

Hotel de Paris, Place du Casino, Monte Carlo, Monaco;             +377 9806 3000      ;

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10. Grand Hotel Parker’s, Naples


View of Naples
Even better when the weather’s friendly.

This stately old 19th-century hotel high on a hill has tremendous views of both city and sea from its higher floors.

Room to request: Ask for a front-facing room.

Rates: Rooms from US$230.

Grand Hotel Parker’s, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 135, Naples, Italy;             +39 081 7612474      ;

11. Hassler Roma, Rome


View of Rome
Great cities don’t have to be filled with skyscrapers.

Of Rome’s dozen or so five-star hotels, none can command the superlative viewpoint of the Hassler, sitting at the top of the Spanish Steps.

It looks straight down on the Piazza di Spagna and designer thoroughfare of the Via Condotti towards the river Tiber and Vatican on the far side.

Room to request: Facing the Vatican.

Rates: Rooms from US$678.

Hotel Hassler, 6 Piazza Trinità dei Monti, Rome, Italy;             +39 06 699 340      ;

12. The Fairmont, San Francisco


View of San Francisco
Many fantastic views from this one hotel.

San Francisco’s original view hotel, the Fairmont has fabulous panoramic vistas from its position on Nob Hill.

Room to request: For many, the most thrilling outlook is from the rooms facing towards Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz. But you could request the greener and equally iconic view towards Telegraph Hill and the Coit Lighthouse, which all guests enjoy as they ascend the glass elevator.

Rates: Rooms from US$499, Penthouse suite from US$15,000.

The Fairmont San Francisco, 950 Mason Street, San Francisco, California, United States;             +1 415 772 5000      ;

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13. Gran Hotel Domine, Bilbao


View of Bilbao
View art from your private terrace.

The city’s claim to fame is the shimmering aluminum folds of Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim
Museum, and the Domine, a model of striking cutting-edge design, faces it fair and square.

Room to request: Be sure to demand a museum-view room, which will also look out over the city’s fabulous new riverscape and bridge.

Rates: Rooms from US$193.

Hotel Gran Domine, Alameda Mazarredo 61, Bilbao, Spain;             +34 944 253 300      ;

14. Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong


View of Hong Kong
View of the island, from the island.

Once you had to stay on the less interesting Kowloon side of the water to get a view of Victoria Harbour. But thanks to cleverly angled windows, the Grand Hyatt has managed to achieve superb vistas from Hong Kong Island itself.

Room to request: Ask for a Grand Harbour room for the best view.

Rates: Rooms from US$443.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong;             +852 2588 1234      ;

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15. Shangri-La, Sydney


View of Sydney
The best of Sydney’s architecture in one postcard.

There’s one killer view in Sydney; it takes in Circular Quay, with the Opera House on one side and the Harbour Bridge on the other.

Room to request: The Shangri-La has it all; the deep-pocketed should ask for the Princess Suite, but any room facing the harbor will do.

Rates: Rooms from US$267.

Hotel Shangri-La Sydney, 176 Cumberland Street, Sydney, Australia;             + 61 2 9520 6000      ;

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HTC Edge Could Be the World’s First Quad-Core Smartphone



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Just when we started getting used to dual-core smartphones, here comes a quad-core smartphone, the HTC Edge. Whether it’s the first-quad core handset in the world is still up for debate, but if the rumors are true, it’ll be the most advanced. ~ Dean Kosage




Looking a lot like that HTC Rezound, its inner parts list has a similar spec sheet, with a gig of RAM, 8-megapixel camera with the F/2.2 lens, and it will even have the Beats audio enhancement package.

But that’s where the similarity ends. The Edge has a relatively gigantic 4.7-inch screen (compared with the Rezound’s 4.3 inch screen), and then there’s that  processor with its quartet of cores, each zinging along at 1.5GHz. All this updated tech will reportedly be shoehorned into a package that’s just 10mm thin.

By the way, in an Nvidia demo last spring, the company showed its Tegra 3 processor running twice as fast as its predecessor, the Tegra 2, and also running faster than an Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 chip. So we’re talking about laptop speed in a smartphone.


Here’s a video of that demo, which also suggests the Tegra 3 sips less battery power than the Tegra 2:


One disappointing spec in this HTC Edge phone is a lack of the faster LTE capability, but it’s still no slouch with 21 megabit-per-second HSDPA connectivity on board.

The idea of a quad-core smartphone that’s as fast as a laptop in the palm of your hand is quite impressive. However, are people concerned about how smartphones are too slow? We’re not hearing that complaint nearly as much as worries about the nagging problem of too-short battery life.

And with its screen that’s significantly larger than most, along with two extra cores, wouldn’t the laws of physics require more battery power to run all this? Although the Tegra 3 chip is said to use less power than the Tegra 2, that larger screen will probably run the battery down faster, and the rumor didn’t include any info about improved battery life.


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Amazing Electric Tron Lightcycle



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You want to have this amazingly designed, Electric Tron Lightcycle super-fast bike? This is very cool, they did an amazing job making it look like the movie! Awesome! ~ Dean Kosage


Every Tron fan pictured himself on one of those amazingly designed, super-fast bikes from the movie. Parker Brothers Choppers turned that dream into reality a year ago, when they created the first Tron Lightcycle, but now they’ve taken it a step further and turned the gas-guzzling beast into an electric bike.

The all-new Electric Tron Lightcycle is powered by a 96 volt electric motor and lithium ion batteries. Its top speed is in excess of 100 mph, and its range is 100 miles on a single range, with a mere 35-minute recharge time.

As for practicality, we’re not experts on motorcycles, but it does seem a bit hard to ride. We guess it’s a small price to pay for the looks you’ll be getting when riding this beauty — especially at night, when the bike lights up just like the one in the movie. .

Pricing and availability are unknown at this point, but as a reference, the old, gas-powered version costs close to $55,000.


Check out a video of the Electric Tron Lightcycle in action below.


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Microsoft Sketches Its Vision for the Near Future



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Microsoft has laid out its vision for the next few years, and it’s a visual feast for techies and futurists. ~ Dean Kosage



The dialogue-less video follows a woman taking a business trip, her daughter doing homework and a man in Hong Kong taking the subway to work all against the backdrop of a pulsing electronica soundtrack.


Microsoft envisions eyeglasses that can, among other things we suspect, translate spoken languages.

As in Minority Report, the billboards here recognize when someone is looking at them and react. In this case, a man gives a donation to the advertised cause and the man in the billboard nods appreciatively.

A bellhop holds a business-card size device that tells him all about the guest coming through the doors.

What home would be complete without a chalkboard that appears to be connected to the Internet?

In another nod to Minority Report and Microsoft’s own Kinect technology, a man waves his arms to change the view on his desktop.

Perhaps the oddest prediction is of a grass that seems to grow sideways. Maybe this is because the people in the video appear to work for a company involved in plant biotechnology.

No need to interact with the registration desk anymore.

iPad Turns Into Amazing Halloween Magic!

The Genius turns iPad into amazing cool holloween iPad trick.
It was quite creative!A modern tech magic. ~ Dean Kosage

Watch this video: IPad Horror- Simon Pierro

  •  Another entertaining — and this time scary — masterpiece.


When master magician Simon Pierro gets his hands on an iPad, watch out. Now he’s created a special Halloween edition of his unique iPad magic, blending his special brand of prestidigitation with carefully constructed digital wizardry.

Simon tells us he spent 10 weeks putting together this Halloween iPad act, and “it was a hell of a lot of work,” he says. “Luckily my iOS programmer Masashi Beheim again joined the project. It took him more than 100 hours of programming this time, being as fanatical about details as I am,” he added.

Simon wasn’t satisfied with a rehash of his brilliant “Preview of iOS 5”. He says, “So I came up with the idea to tell a story about a killer and together with my magic colleague Thomas Fraps we decided to take the clown as the usual suspect.”


Watch this some of his brilliant “Preview of iOS 5”



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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Halloween


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Trick or treating may end at your teenage years, but there are still lots of ways to celebrate the holiday. The following 10 iPhone apps are a great way to get you into the Halloween spirit. Boo! ~ Dean Kosage

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and the pumpkins are piling up. Halloween is right around the corner. While the little ones are busy planning their costumes, mapping out their trick-or-treat routes and dreaming of piles of candy, there’s no reason why our connected generations can’t have fun on Oct. 31 as well.

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Halloween:

Zombies usually get a bad rap for being downright creepy, but the zombies in this app are quite the opposite. You can still create ones with exposed brains and knives in their skulls, but they somehow still manage to be huggable and cute.

Either way, this app is a great way to flex those creative zombie muscles. Plus you can share your masterpieces with your social networks too.

Cost: FREE

If you don’t want to go through the hassle and mess of carving an actual pumpkin, use this app to carve one virtually. Choose from a bevy of eye, nose and mouth shapes to create a unique pumpkin every time. After creating your masterpiece, dim the lights on the app and watch your pumpkin glow. We bet if you put your iPad in the window, no one will be the wiser.

Cost: $0.99

Nothing screeches Halloween like an evil witch laugh, a creaky door or creepy organ music. Halloween Sounds Pro lets you mix and match scary Halloween sounds to really get into the mood (despite the random frog sound thrown in there). Using the delay option, you can set the spooky soundtrack and leave the room. Or, if you have another device, use the Bluetooth feature to work the app remotely. Guaranteed to freak someone out.

Cost: FREE

You’ve been invited to a costume party, but have no idea what to wear. You could throw something together last minute (as usual), or check out this app, which contains costume ideas for adult men and women, as well as links to purchase directly. After all, there’s nothing like a showing up at a party in a “Sexy Swashbuckler” costume.

Cost: FREE

If you’re not the costume-wearing, pumpkin-carving type, get into the spirit by creating and sending a greeting card. Halloween Card Creator will allow you to express your Halloween sentiments with fun backgrounds, cool graphics and other customizable options. It’s the perfect way to wish someone a very Happy Hallows Eve.

Cost: FREE

If you’re accompanying the kids while they trick-or-treat, you can get quite chilly. A nice beverage in your hand would make all the difference. Pocket Cocktails is a great resource for some quirky beverages that befit the holiday (Pumpkin-Tini, Monster Punch and October Blood, for instance). The Bloody Brain drink shown here is simply peach schnapps, Bailey’s and grenadine – actual brains not included.

Cost: FREE

Ghost stories are scary enough, but when they’re true stories submitted by real people, you really begin to wonder about the supernatural. This app is a compilation of true ghost stories and terrifying experiences that have happened to people all over the world. The photo accompanying the app is a good indication of the scare factor – did they really have to use that creepy ghost-kid?

Cost: $0.99

If you want to take the scare a step further, check out the House of Horrors app to gain access to free full-length horror films, streamed right to your device. A good browsing function lets you search by genre, keyword, actor, title, director and more. You can also save movies to your queue, ready for a Halloween horror show marathon.

Cost: $0.99

Speaking of spooky places, what about visiting one near you? According to Dark Haunts, there’s likely a truly haunted location close by, along with a story of how the haunt came to be. (Cue Twilight Zone music.) There are approximately 3,200 locations in the DarkHaunts database, with many more being added regularly. If you’re in for a real-life fright night, and have the guts to check out one of the locations, more power to you.

Cost: $0.99

Ever wonder what you’d look like as a zombie? If so, check out ZombieBooth to instantly transform your face into the undead. This app even brings your zombie to life; you can watch it blink, growl and even try to bite your finger off if you get too close. (It’s pretty frightening, so if you want to test it out first, check out the free lite version.)

Cost: $0.99

The “Spherical Flying Machine” Can Land and Fly Almost Anywhere!



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Wow…check this out! This “Spherical Flying Machine” isn’t it amazing? ~ Dean kosage



The sci-fi classic Star Wars: A New Hope features a famous scene in which Luke Skywalker practices Jedi Lightsaber skills on a small, flying sphere that can hover and move quickly in any direction. Now, Japan’s Ministry of Defense has developed what may be a precursor to the Jedi training ball, though they call it a “Spherical Flying Machine.”

Driven mostly by remote control, the 42-inch in diameter, 350 gram flying ball uses a combination of propellers and wings to hover, fly in all directions at up to 60 kph and even move along the ground and walls. Virtually nothing seems to stop the ball from “flying.”

According to Japanese ministry officials who demonstrated the flying ball this week at a DigiInfo Expo Conference in Japan, the sphere uses the propeller to lift off and land and the wings for lift as it flies forward. The secret sauce may by the sphere’s three gyroscopic sensors, which automatically right the ball when it’s on the ground or in the air. In the video, the ball lands and starts rolling around (thanks to the propeller). When it’s time to lift off, the gyroscopes help the ball position itself so the propeller is up top. There’s also a camera inside the sphere.

The Ministry of Defense built the robot to help them solve a problem. Apparently they’ve built aircrafts that can stand up vertically after flying horizontally, but take-offs and landings were difficult. Researchers then came up with the idea of a sphere as a potential solution. They then built this prototype with off-the-shelf parts for roughly $1,400. It’s unclear if the ministry plans on commercializing the flying sphere, but they do see some potential in the design. During the video, the demonstrator notes the flying sphere will be able to reach places that were previously hard to access by air.


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