I've found an iPhone 4S Cases today!


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 The following iPhone 4S Cases has 15 new looks!


Let’s get one thing straight — most iPhone 4 cases will fit the iPhone 4S, so if you’re upgrading your phone, but happy with your existing case, you don’t need to splash out on a new one.

That said, some people will want a fresh new look for their fresh new phone, and that’s where we come in.

We’re always on the lookout for striking iPhone cases, and as the 4S goes on sale, we thought we’d compile a roundup of designs that have caught our eye recently.


Take a look through the photo gallery below. Let us know in the comments which case you’d like to see covering your new iPhone 4S.

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I have been blessed to watch quite a few brilliant people emerge in the last 30yrs like Steve Jobs – Dean Kosage

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I have been blessed to watch quite a few brilliant people emerge in the last 30yrs.  In fact the last 20 yrs has been unreal in the 3 areas of PLANET , PEOPLE & PROFIT.

Well one the people who has effected most of us in all 3 of these areas passed away , Steve Jobs. His vision and his teams have allowed me personally to create my future by giving me the tools I need to connect with the world in a magical and fun way.

Many families around the globe  have shared moments of laughter ,  been inspired , and started to dream because of Steve Jobs.  I personally know he gave me the permission to be myself and to be authentic , even if it was to just wear a jeans and a normal shirt to work. To realize that music and the arts did have a place in the corporate world as well as style.

He helped many of us shift what corporate business looked like and has given us a glimpse of the fun what it can be.  I feel proud and blessed to have been alive during his lifetime. I was able to live through many of his dreams and visions as they came to life.

Many of you know I have formed my new company last year around 3 organizations and their culture.
1 The imagination and child like joy of DISNEYLAND
2 The healthy and champion culture of NIKE
3 The style and open architechure of APPLE.

He has left not only his personally legacy but has helped to shape many of the companies and people around the world with his style and vision.  He has left us Hope , & Excitement , & Opportunities.


See more of  Dean on Facebook and fan page.. 


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How a Blogging Duo Is Changing Fashion Photography With Animated Cinemagraphs



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A cinemagraph created during New York Fashion Week last month. 

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg comprise the rising star duo behind the wildly popular Tumblr From Me To You.

(One might argue, given recent campaigns with Ralph Lauren and Juicy Couture, a photo editorial in The New York Times and an appearance in Lucky Magazine, that their stars have already risen, but we firmly believe the best is yet to come.)

Beck, 28, and Burg, 30, combine an unusual set of talents that have attracted not only the notice of the Tumblr community, but also of a growing roster of brands and editors.

Beck is the photographer and the blog’s primary model and stylist. She leverages her pinup figure, makeup and hair-styling skills, and a wardrobe of vintage finds to create spreads that connote the glamor of American icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

Burg is the more technical of the two, leading the blog’s design and the creation of their signature (and trademark-pending) cinemagraphs — animated GIF images that look like moving photos. He also — from what I observed in meetings with one of their clients and their manager, Karen Robinovitz of DBA — heads up business relations, jotting down notes on clients’ expectations and deadlines for deliverables.

The two met in 2006 through mutual friends, and are now engaged. Before they began working together at the beginning of this year, Beck — who says that from the age of 13, photography is “all [she’s] ever done, and all [she’s] ever wanted to do” — was still shooting in film. Burg encouraged her to purchase her first digital camera with which to begin blogging and tweeting, and more recently, to begin uploading her iPhone snapshots to Instagram. (“I’m obsessed,” she discloses.) He also designed her Tumblr.

Burg had, for some time, been taking frames from Saturday Night Live clips and turning elements into looping animations on a still background. These became the prototypes for the their first cinemagraph “Les Tendrils,” which was published on Feb. 13, 2011.


Beck and Burg’s first cinemagraph, “Les Tendrils,” published on February 13, 2011. 

After they published their first cinemagraphs, Beck recalls that no one wanted to book her for photographs anymore. They wanted her to create “that moving thing you do” — which is when they decided to coin the term “cinemagraph.” The two felt they needed the term because what they created was unlike an animated GIF.

“There’s a cinematic quality to it … like a living photograph. It’s always a photograph first and foremost,” says Beck.

How They Create Cinemagraphs

Beck and Burg never know for sure if a cinemagraph is going to work out, which makes it difficult when brands hire the pair. “We can be 90% sure,” Beck discloses. “When we shoot from the street or at [New York] Fashion Week, and I can’t control the environment, it’s never a guarantee.”

To create a cinemagraph, Burg and Beck focus on animating one object: a swinging chain, for instance, or a spoon moving around the rim of a coffee cup. In a studio setting, the pair will employ pinpoint light to create sparkle, and fans to tousle hair and garments. Beck directs the camera, a Canon D5 Mark II, while Burg controls the props that produce the animation.

Beck and Burg will then import and edit the files in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. The number of frames they use depends on the medium. For Gilt Taste‘s website, they were able to create much longer loops and embed their work on the site using HTML5 video layers. A cinemagraph that appears on their Tumblr will end up being between 25 and 100 frames; a banner ad is even more constrained.

Shooting a cinemagraph doesn’t take any more time than shooting a photo, roughly speaking, but the editing process generally takes a day, says Burg.

Both Beck and Burg expressed frustrations with the limitations of connections speeds and file sizes, which necessitate the use of GIF files, and consequently reduce the quality. Beck expects that in a year they will able to distribute cinemagraphs that look so lifelike that you could touch them.


At a test shoot for Juicy Couture in August. 


The Added Value of an Audience


A cinemagraph commissioned by Juicy Couture. 

It’s not just Beck’s and Burg’s photography and cinemagraphs that make them appealing to brands. The two have also amassed a large built-in audience — a series of six cinemagraphs they did featuring model Coca Rocha in Oscar de la Renta gowns merited around 55,000 notes and more than 2,000,000 impressions, Tumblr fashion director Rich Tong revealed at a conference in Paris earlier this month. That exposure makes the duo a valuable distribution force.

Take a recent campaign Beck and Burg did for fashion brand Juicy Couture. They were commissioned to create a series of cinemagraphs using Juicy Couture products, some of which appeared as banner ads across a range of fashion sites, and some of which — like the one above — appeared solely on their own Tumblr, racking upwards of 15,000 notes (reblogs and likes) apiece.

“The great thing about Jamie and Kevin is that they’re not just artists, but they also have a distribution portal,” says Robinovitz. “Why would you just hire a photographer when you can hire a photographer who has a place to share photos… [and] a hungry audience?”

Robinovitz’s question was rhetorical, of course, but also a good one to pose.

In a recent interview, Scott Schuman, the photographer behind street style blog The Sartorialist, says that he earns somewhere between a quarter of a million and half a million dollars per year running ads on his blog, in addition to the assignments it has earned him. Will photographers who don’t blog and market themselves online stand as much of a chance? And will blog coverage be written into assignment contracts?

Beck says that while she has not negotiated blog coverage into any of her contracts directly, it is discussed with brands during an assignment — namely, she says, to figure out timing and what she’s allowed to post. Brands don’t control what goes on Tumblr, and she is careful to only accept assignments true to her aesthetic.

“If I am going to work with somebody, it has to be part of my life, something I want to share,” Beck explains. “I can be hired to make banner ads, but I want people to see the whole 360, and hopefully my readers will be amused or inspired.”




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10 Facebook Timeline Designs That Will Blow You Away


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Facebook’s new Timeline design gives users a large “cover photo” space at the top of the page. We think this revamp is a great opportunity to get creative with your profile presentation.

We recently asked the Mashable readership to share how they’ve played with the new design. Here are 10 examples of Facebook Timeline cover photo designs we think are particularly creative, and that offer a witty take on the new layout.


SEE ALSO: How to Enable the New Facebook Timeline NOW | HOW TO: Make the Most of the New Facebook Timeline Cover Photo  

Take a look through the image gallery below. Share your new Timeline designs in the comments and don’t despair if yours didn’t get chosen this time around. Our coverage of the new Facebook continues, so keep your submissions coming!

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The Stark Hand

In The Workshop One of the inspirations for Mark Stark’s [below] invention was an artificial hand designed for NASA. “It was a challenge,” he says. “I thought, ‘I can do better than that.’” John B. Carnett

Prosthetic hands typically come in three varieties: purely cosmetic models; hooks and other low-cost mechanical appendages that provide a limited range of motion; and electronic versions that better mimic natural hand movements yet can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Mark Stark’s prosthetic incorporates the best elements of each. Although its minimalist plastic assembly is nearly as light and inexpensive as a common steel hook, it looks and moves like a high-end electronic hand.

Stark, who makes his living designing valves for dryers and other appliances, got into prosthetics in part to help his friend, Dave Vogt, who was born without a left hand. Stark’s creation is electronics-free, but its fingers each have three knuckles (two on the thumb) that bend separately to conform to anything the wearer grasps, including irregularly shaped objects that a hook can’t hold.

Hooks attach to a socket at the end of an amputee’s arm and are operated by a cable that runs up to a shoulder harness. When the wearer shrugs his shoulders, the cable pulls the hook open; when he relaxes, the cable slackens and the hook closes. The Stark Hand screws into the same socket-and-cable system but adds a lever on the palm that connects to five more cables, each running up the back of a finger. A shoulder movement triggers the lever to tug all five fingers open at once, and the individual cables let each finger rebound on its own. Springs in each joint contract until each finger comes to rest on an object, so some fingertips can curl around, say, a wineglass stem while others grasp the cup. The springs exert a level of pressure gentle enough to hold an egg but strong enough that you can lift a chair.


How It Works: The Stark Hand: The prosthetic hand attaches to a cable that runs from a shoulder harness worn by an amputee. A lever on the palm opens all five fingers at once, and separate cables in each finger and springs at each knuckle allow the fingers to close individually and bend around objects with a secure grip.  Blanddesigns.co.uk

In 2004, Stark constructed a proof-of-concept from hardware-store supplies and gave it to Vogt to try out. Within an hour, Vogt caught a ball left-handed for the first time in his life. Since then, he has helped Stark test and improve four more prototypes. Stark designed stronger, compact springs, re-engineered the fingers into a few easy-to-manufacture shapes, and set the thumb at a new angle to better replicate a real thumb. He also strengthened the joints in the hand against side impacts after Vogt broke a prosthetic knuckle when he hit something while swinging around on the dance floor.Vogt now wears the hand everywhere except to his job as a machinist, where he has to do heavy lifting for which a hook still works better. A more durable production version, which will use tougher plastics and sleeker parts, could be on the way as early as this winter. Edison Nation, a company that helps inventors develop their ideas, recently selected Stark’s hand for commercial development and is now in talks to license it to a major prosthetics manufacturer.


By Lauren Aaronson





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29-Year-Old Deaf Woman Hears Her Voice for the First Time

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Sloan Churman was born deaf. For 29 years, she has relied on reading lips and, to a very limited extent, hearing aids.

Two months ago, she received Envoy Medical’s Esteem Implant, which utilizes ear drum vibrations to bring hearing back to its users. The reaction, captured by her husband on video, is nothing short of extraordinary. Her pure joy is contagious.

Here’s what she said on her YouTube page:

“I had an implant put in 8 weeks ago called The Esteem Implant by Envoy Medical. I was born deaf and have worn hearing aids from the age of 2, but hearing aids only help so much. I have gotten by this long in life by reading lips. This was taken as they were activating the implant.”


Check out the video, and feel free to share your reactions in the comments.

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40+ Free Blog Hosts

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Seo Blog Hosting – SEO Hosting, Multiple Class C IP’s, 550 /24’s for SEO starting at $2.99




So it seems all we ever speak about is WordPress, but don’t forget that you have options when choosing a blog platform. Here are 40 free ways to get started.

Danga Software Powered

LivejournalGreatestJournal.com – Based on the same software as LiveJournal, offers free voice posts, 1GB of photo hosting, and space for up to 2,000 user icons.

InsaneJournal.com – Another site based on the Danga software that runs LiveJournal, offers free and paid accounts, paid benefits are only enhancements.

JorunalFen.net – Runs on the Danga platform, very much directed towards various “fandoms” (i.e. Harry Potter, various Television shows) and is meant for users 18 and older.

LiveJournal.com – One of the most well known of the blogging hosts. Offers multiple account types such as ad-supported and paid. The center of a few controversies recently.

Themed Blog Sites

BlogabondBlogabond.com – A site dedicated to travel blogs with map integration and more.

BlogCheese.com – A video blogging website.

BusyThumbs.com – A blog site specifically for your text messages and camera phone images.

Freevlog – Designed for video blogging and completely free.

Trippert.com – Create and share blogs of your travels.

Ufem.com – Blogging site specifically geared towards women. Offers multiple themes and plugins.

Word Count Journal.com – A new blogging format that is also part challenge. Write one word on the first day, two words on the second day and so on, at the end of the year you’ll have written 66,795 words.

Xanco.com – Another moblogging site for you to share all your mobile communications with friends and family.

WordPress Powered

WordPressBlogetery.com – Offers multiple templates, anti-spam, free sub-domain and more.

BlogRox.com – Runs on WordPress and offers 50MB of free online space.

Blogsome.com – Based out of Ireland, this site uses the WordPress MU platform, large choice of themes.

Edublogs.com – WordPress powered blogging for educators.

WordPress.com – Not only can you install WordPress on your own sites, you can use the same software on their site and save yourself all of the technical work.

Various Platforms

BloggerBlog.com – Offers free blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth for their free package, more benefits for paid members.

Blog Ladder.com – All blog entries show up on the main ladder as well as inside your own blog.

Blogger.com – A great starting site to get a taste of blogging, very easy to use.

Blogr.com – Allows you to blog, host photos & videos, and podcasts.

BlogSpirit.com – European based blogging site, offers 30-day trial and subscription thereafter, but offers quite a bit of storage.

Blogster.com – Offers free image hosting in addition to free blogs.

BlogYx.com – Blogging site with extras such as chat boxes so you can interact with your readers.

Bloki.com – Lets you build a blog site and even open it up for collaboration.

Bravenet.com – Free blog hosting with RSS feeds and more.

ClearBlogs.com – Free blog hosting and offers templates, friends only posts, IP-Banning and more.

Etribes.com – Based in Europe, allows you to create all sorts of websites including a blog.

Multiply.com – Mixes blogging and social networking, with photo galleries and more.

Netcipia.com – Free blog and wiki for private or public display with 2GB of storage.

Open Diary.com – Offers unlimited storage and posts, low cost subscription rates for advanced features.

ShoutPost.com – A platform for creating blogs with a focus on generating traffic.

SoulCast.com – Have something you want to talk about, but want to say it anonymously? This may be the blogging site for you.

Squarespace.com – Lets you build your blog with numerous themes, also allows you to add other site features.

Terapad.com – Offers blogs as well as features such as an integrated store.

Tooum.com – Fully integrated blog and forum which allows for seamless discussion between the two.

Tumblr.com – A blog platform with a focus on allowing media-rich posts.

Weebly.com – Allows you to create a site and blog, free hosting and change designs on the fly.

Windows Live Spaces – Free blogging with your MSN account, only drawback is readers have to have an account also.

Vox.com – Part of the SixApart family of blogging sites, very much geared towards the personal journal types of blogs.

Xanga.com – Part social network, part blogging, all free.

Yahoo 360 – Part of your Yahoo account and features easy publishing.

Zoomshare.com – Free blog hosting with 250MB of free storage.




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Google+ Climbs Up Social Networking Ladder



Traffic exploded on Google+ after the social networking site opened to the public, shooting up 1,269 percent in one week, making the site the eighth largest social network on the Internet, according to Web analytics firm Hitwise.

Google+ rose from the 54th most-visited site social networking to the eighth, receiving nearly 15 million visits in one week. This number is likely to be larger because Hitwise’s data does not include mobile traffic or traffic from the Google notification bar.


Google+ Climbs Up Social Networking Ladder


When Google switched access from invitation-only to open for everyone last Wednesday, Google+ even ranked as the third largest social network for a brief moment. The site is now right behind MySpace, which had 16.3 million visits, and LinkedIn, with 17.8 million visits in the week ending Sept. 24.

Google+ is still far behind the numbers one and two on the charts. Facebook leads the pack with 1.7 billion total visits in one week, followed by YouTube with a little over 530 million. Twitter came in third with 33 million visits in one week.

The fast growth of Google+ from its launch in early July to last week “illustrates how quickly the cycle from ‘innovator‘ and ‘early adopter‘ phase, to the ‘early majority’ and ‘late majority’ can occur,” Heather Dougherty director of research at Hitwise said in a blog post. She also noted that early adopters still account for a large share of Google+’s traffic.

By Loek Essers


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10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media


Our children will inherit a world profoundly changed by the combination of technology and humanity that is social media. They’ll take for granted that their voices can be heard and that a social movement can be launched from their laptop. And they’ll take for granted that they are connected and interconnected with hundreds of millions of people at any given moment.

What’s most profound is that these represent parts of a greater whole. They represent a shift in power from centralized institutions and organizations to the people they represent. It is the evolution of democracy by way of technology, and we are all better for it.

For most of us, social media has changed our lives in some meaningful way. Collectively it is changing the world for good. Given the pace of innovation and adoption, change has become a constant. Every so often we find the need to stop and reflect on its most recent and noteworthy developments, hence the following list.

Please note this is not a top 10 list, nor are these listed in any particular order. It’s also incomplete. So we ask that you add to this conversation in the comments. If you’d like to retweet this post or take the conversation to Twitter or FriendFeed, please use the hashtag #10Ways.

1. Take Social Actions

The nonprofit organization Social Actions aggregates “opportunities to make a difference from over 50 online platforms” through its unique API. It recently held the Change the Web Challenge contest in order to inspire the most innovative applications for that API. The Social Actions Interactive Map won the $5,000 first prize. The result is a virtual tour of the world through the lens of social action. “People are volunteering, donating, signing petitions, making loans and doing other social actions as we speak — all over the world. To capture the context of the where, this project uses sophisticated techniques to extract location information from full text paragraphs.”


mysocialactions image  You can also join the Social Actions Community, which is powered by Ning…which now boasts more than one million individual social networks.

2. Twitter with a purpose

This list could be exclusive to Twitter. From Tweetsgiving, the Twitter fundraiser that raised enough money to build a new classroom for a school in Tanzania, to Twestival, which organized 202 off-line events around the world to benefit charity: water, it’s become the de facto tool for organizing and taking action. Tweet Congresswon the SXSW activism award, and celebrity Tweeps Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Rose Tweeted their two million followers about ending malaria.

3. Visit White House 2.0


whitehousedotgov image 

Inside of its first 100 days, the Obama administration has managed to set the historic benchmark for government transparency and accountability. The President’s virtual town hall meeting used WhiteHouse.gov to crowdsource questions from his 300 million constituents, complete with voting to determine the ones he’d have to answer. All told, 97,937 people submitted 103,978 questions and cast 1,782,650 votes.

The White House continues to raise the bar with its official FacebookMySpace, and Twitter channels. In so doing President Obama is not just setting the standard for state and local government in the U.S. He’s establishing the world standard. Because you don’t have to be an American citizen to be a friend or follower of White House 2.0.

4. Choose your cause

Facebook is a powerful platform for change and community action. Apps like Causes have united users around important issues from global warming to poverty, AIDS research, and animal rights, and rallied them to action.

Large companies are recognizing this tool for change, and creating campaigns around it. For example, Target’s newly launched “Bullseye Gives” campaign allows users to vote for one of 10 charities on the company’sexisting Facebook page. The percentage of votes for each charity determines the percentage of a total $3 million dollars Target will donate to the organizations. This is a smart and simple way for both Target and Facebook users to make a big difference using social media.

5. Host a social media event


greenq twitter meme image 

This is the year of the social media event. No meaningful gathering of people is complete without an interactive online audience, especially when it’s so easy and cost effective to pull off. Essential tools include a broadband connection, laptop, video camera, projector, and screen. Add people and a purpose, such as entrepreneurship.Promote it through social media channels, and you have a social media event.

A recent example in the green world is the Evolution of Green, which was hosted by Creative Citizen, a green wiki community. It celebrated the launch of a new web property, EcoMatters, while also establishing a new Twitter tag. By posing the question, “How can we go from green hype to green habit?” and including the#GreenQ hashtag, it sparked a conversation between attendees and the Twittersphere in real time. Thus was born a new mechanism for getting answers to green questions via Twitter.

6. Travel the world

Tim O’Reilly knows the potential for social media to change the world. In his opening keynote at this year’sWeb 2.0 Expo, he called for a new ethic in which we do more with less and create more value than we capture. This provided the context for SalaamGarage founder Amanda Koster, whose presentation followed O’Reilly’s. The idea is that social media has enabled each of us to have an audience. Whether through Twitter, Flickr,YouTube, or a personal blog, each of us can have influence and reach. What’s more, it can be used for good.

SalaamGarage coordinates trips for citizen journalists (that means you) to places like India and Vietnam in conjunction with non-government organizations like Seattle-based Peace Trees. The destination is the story, as these humanitarian journalists report on the people they meet and discoveries they make. Their words, images, and video are posted to the social web to gain exposure and because these stories just need to be told.

7. Build it on Drupal

You may not have noticed, but the open-source Drupal content management system (CMS) has quickly become the dominant player on the social web. While we still prefer WordPress as a strict blogging application, Drupal has emerged as the go-to platform for building scalable, community-driven websites. It powers Recovery.gov, a key part of President Obama’s commitment to transparency and accountability. And Drupal will soon become the platform for Causecast, a site where “media, philanthropy, social networking, entertainment and education converge to serve a greater purpose.” This is especially significant because Causecast CEO Ryan Scott is transitioning the site off of Ruby on Rails because Drupal has proved more efficient, user friendly, and cost effective.

8. Green your iPhone


3rdwhale iphone app 

Looking for an organic diner within biking distance that has a three-star green rating? There’s a app for that. It’s called 3rd Whale, and you can download it for free. (Except that the star rating is actually a whale rating.) Complete with Facebook Connect, this iPhone app locates green products and businesses in 30 major North American cities. It uses the iPhone’s dial function to select a category (food), sub-category (restaurants), and distance (walking, biking, or driving).

In Santa Monica, this might give you Swingers Diner for its selection of veggie and vegan fare. You could then get directions from your current location using the iPhone’s built-in Google map, rate your experience on the three-whale scale, and write up a quick review. 3rd Whale recently released a new feature that integrates green-living tips, which can show how much energy or waste you’ll save by taking a given action.

9. Unite the world through video


Matt’s dancing around the world video inspired many to tears. Today, more than 20 million people have viewed his YouTube masterpiece, where he performs a kooky dance with the citizens of planet earth. The most recent example of this approach is Playing for Change, which connects the world through song. The project started in Santa Monica with a street performance of the classic Stand By Me and expanded to New Orleans, New Mexico, France, Brazil, Italy, Venezuela, South Africa, Spain, and The Netherlands.

The project was superbly executed via social media, complete with a YouTube channelMySpaceFacebook, and Blog. It’s received tremendous mainstream media exposure and also benefits a foundation of the same name.

10. Rate a company

The conversation about corporate social responsibility (CSR) takes place across the social web on blogs, Twitter, and YouTube, but a central hub for this information and opinion is still to be determined. SocialYellseeks to address this by building an online community around the CSR conversation, where users can submit reviews of companies together with nonprofit organizations and even public figures like Michelle Obama.

The major topics are the Environment, Health, Social Equity, Consumer Advocacy, and Charity. The reviews are voted and commented on by the community in a Reddit-like fashion with both up (Yell) and down (shhh) voting. The site is relatively new and still gaining traction, but there’s no question that a resource like this is needed to shine a bright light on CSR and and other related issues.

11. Publish a collective, simultaneous blog post on a universal topic

As Nigel Tufnel might say, this list goes to eleven. Let the #10Ways conversation begin…

Final note: This is Max Gladwell’s third list of “10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media.” The firstwas posted a year ago today on Sustainablog.org, and the sequel followed five months later.

Max Gladwell is the brainchild of writer and marketer Rob Reed. Rob provides strategic and tactical marketing services for brands seeking to use social media to connect with their customers. He specializes in sustainability and cause-driven marketing. You can also follow Max Gladwell on Twitter.






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'Taxing' Question Asked by Reader



I don’t mind admitting that some questions that I get from readers have me stumped. Fortunately, I have some very smart and learned experts to rely on for answers.

Here is the latest reader question with an answer from Ellis Carter, of Charity Lawyer:


“We are an activist organization and people make donations to us. They are not tax deductible donations because we are not a501(c)(3) and have not applied for tax exempt status.

“My question is… we don’t have any sales or fees for our services. Do we have taxable income? Do we need to file a tax return?”


“Generally, if an organization does not apply for tax-exempt status, it will have to file and pay taxes as a for-profit.

“If it is incorporated, the company would file anIRS Form 1120.

“If it is not incorporated, the law may treat it as an unincorporated association or as a partnershipdepending on the circumstances.

“The problem is that the 1120 and other for-profit tax returns do not recognize donations. All income is taxable in a for-profit company, so technically you have to treat your contribution revenue as taxable income.”




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